Teach Your Kids the Three R’s of Going Green

At ALPS, we believe it’s never too early to learn the importance of energy conservation. This belief extends beyond heating and air-conditioning systems. We understand that HVAC systems use the majority of energy in the home, but there are important lessons you can teach young family members about the perks of going green.

We’ve assembled the three R’s of what every parent should instill in their child to form sustainable habits:


California is almost always in a state of drought. That’s why one of the most important lessons to teach kids is how to reduce water usage. There is no need to baby talk to your kids about important issues. Keep them informed about the depletion of our state’s water supply and why it’s vital to use it sparingly.

Children almost always learn by example. Start by timing showers (theirs and yours!) to show how easy it can be to cut back on water use in just a few minutes. Lessons can also be learned before bed. Teach kids a better way to save water and money by turning off the bathroom faucet while they brush their teeth.


Kids are motivated to perform when tasks are incentivized. Make it fun to save energy by rewarding your kids when they complete “green” tasks, like turning off lights when they leave a room. You can even create themes for different months to keep the game fresh. Helping your children develop eco-friendly habits at an early age will save your family money over time.


Recycling can be a game, too! Encourage your kids to use their imaginations to “upcycle” things that otherwise would be thrown away. For example, if you are no longer interested in meal prepping, but you have a plethora of unused mason jars, turn them into an arts and crafts station instead of garbage! Lids can act as paint palettes and jars as storage for art supplies.

Going green doesn’t mean living off the grid in the woods like a chipmunk. But, taking the time to make small changes today will instill in your kids the importance of sustainability as the next generation of Californians.

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