Did you know that the average home loses over 30% of it’s conditioned air through leaky ductwork? Alps specializes in Air Duct Evaluations and offers this service for FREE.

There is really no mystery why CPS Energy is offering $2500 per system in Air Flow performance rebates.

Air Duct ReplacementReplacing old ductwork with an NCI certified air duct replacement is the most energy saving service that we provide. Alps works closely with CPS energy to provide the Orange County CA and surrounding communities with top-notch Air Duct Replacement options that make your home more comfortable and affordable.

A home’s Air Ducts control how much air is delivered to each room throughout the house. If ducts are improperly engineered, not sealed, damaged or the wrong size, they can cut your air conditioner’s ability to heat or cool by more than 50% on hot or cold days, when you need it the most. Adding an addition to your home or want to cool your garage shop, we offer Ductless Mini Splits that are designed for areas without any traditional ductwork.

Do you have rooms in your home that are less comfortable than others? Please give us a call today or send us an email to schedule your FREE Air Duct Evaluation. All rebates are first come first served and Alps always guarantees our work in writing.