Strategies for Troubleshooting your HVAC Unit Like a Pro

Is your home sweltering hot because your air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool? Summer is almost here, which means temperatures in and around Southern California are rising. But, the one thing on the minds of Alps customers is relying on their A/C to cool their home during the hottest months of the year.

Don’t lose your cool when you notice warm air blowing through the vents or a frozen air conditioner that resembles an igloo. Put down the hairdryer and call the Alps team. We’ve compiled a lit of issues you can troubleshoot from home like a professional:

Your Unit is Frozen

A frozen A/C unit is the last thing our customers expect to see in the middle of a hot Orange County summer, but it does happen. The bad news is you probably have a non-functioning system at this point. While it appears that an ice queen froze your outdoor unit, the good news is this problem is easy to troubleshoot. Start by turning off the system from your thermostat and wait for the unit to defrost, which may take a few hours depending on the amount of ice that has accumulated. Next, call the Alps team to evaluate and diagnose the root of the issue. Simple causes such as blocked airflow, closed vents, or dirty filters and coils can result in a frozen system. More serious issues that can cause your unit to freeze may include a Freon leak or even a broken blower motor. Regardless of the problem, it’s essential to have an HVAC professional check your system.

Your Unit Will Not Run or Turn on

We understand the frustrations involved when your thermostat is set to cool and the temperature in your home is higher than your desired one. Not only is this annoying, but it may indicate that you have an HVAC problem. Begin troubleshooting by confirming your thermostat setting. Then, check your electrical panel for a tripped breaker and verify the unit is receiving power at the panel. Next, see if your outdoor unit is running. If the unit is not running, reset your system using the reset button if your unit is equipped with one. Finally, look for the disconnect box outside near the unit. Make sure the breakers or switches insider were not tripped and prevented power from reaching your unit. If you’re unsure if an electrical issue affected your unit, contact an HVAC professional to check it.

Your Unit isn’t Keeping Up with the Thermostat

Is your HVAC unit running, but failing to cool your home? Check your thermostat and confirm that it is set to cool and ensure it is working correctly. Check your condenser unit, which is located outside your home, to ensure it is free of dirt, overgrown vegetation, and other debris. Lastly, assess the unit for any visible damage. It’s always best to call a trusted HVAC company such as Alps to properly diagnose and fix any issues.

Having trouble diagnosing an HVAC issue? Schedule a free estimate with Alps to identify and remedy the problem.