Six Tips for Getting Your HVAC System Ready for the Summer Heat

Six Tips for Getting Your HVAC System Ready for the Summer Heat

Six Tips for Getting Your HVAC System Ready for the Summer HeatThis year, May-gray has certainly transitioned into June-gloom, leaving many Southern California residents bathed in cool pre-summer temperatures. Before we know it, the hot temperatures are going to arrive, and we’re going to be scurrying to our thermostats to turn on the cool air.

What happens if the cool air doesn’t arrive?

Instead of waiting for the hottest weather to get here, now is the time to prepare your HVAC system for its most active time of the year. Here are 6 steps you should take before turning on your air conditioning unit this year.

  1. Safety First. Before working on any electrical system, including your HVAC system, make sure the power is off. For your HVAC system, make sure the power to the condenser is off at the source.
  2. Remove the cover. Okay, this may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an essential first step. Many homeowners use covers, blankets, or lids to protect the coil on their outdoor air conditioning units during the winter months. If you start your system with the cover still on, you’re risking serious damage to your system.
  3. Inspect the unit. Look at the panels around your unit to make sure nothing is missing or misaligned. If you find that any panels are out of place exposing any of the system’s electrical components, it’s important to call a technician right away.
  4. Remove any debris. Depending on where your unit is located, it may be in the path of that flyaway bag from your recycling bin or the dead leaves from your neighbor’s pesky tree. If there’s debris around or in your unit, it’s time to clear it out.
  5. Check the coolant lines. Your system likely has insulation around the coolant lines, which help to prevent wasted energy. If the foam insulation looks cracked or frayed, it should be replaced.
  6. Change the filter. This is the simplest and often most important step for making sure your HVAC system is operating correctly. Ideally, you should start each season with a new filter, but it’s especially important to start the busy season with one.

Now it’s time to turn on your system and give a test ride. After it has dried completely from any cleaning you may have done, turn the power back on and let your system run. If it’s making any strange sounds or the house isn’t cooling adequately, it’s time to schedule a maintenance appointment. Please give us a call at 800-994-2577.

We are happy to help in any way we can!