The Importance of Insulation

insulation, orange county hvac, alps air conditioningIn any season, you want your HVAC system to get your house to the desired temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible. No one wants to spend their money on heating or cooling the outdoors. But if your house is poorly insulated you could be doing just that.

Insulation is a material that resists the flow of heat. When it is installed in and around your house it acts as a barrier, blocking heat from coming into the house in the summer and holding heat in the house in the winter. Having the proper amount of insulation in your home can increase your comfort year round and also save you money by making your home more energy efficient.

The level of insulation in a home is measured in R-value. It is a value based on the amount of insulation and the ability of the material it is made of to block heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the better insulated the house.

The minimum R-value that is best for your house depends on things like where you live and the size and construction of your home. The recommended R-value for homes in a Southern California climate is R-49. If your home is less insulated than this, you may be losing significant amounts of energy and money on hot or cold air that essentially escapes to the outdoors.

The attic of your house is a key place for insulation, and many homes do not have the recommended amount. You can do a quick check by looking to the rafters in the attic. Any visible roof rafters are an indication that you should have more insulation.

It is also important to have properly insulated duct work. Without insulation, the air flowing through ducts may change temperature by the time it gets to the rooms of your house, losing or gaining heat from the outside air temperature. This means you would have to use more energy to get the house to the desired temperature.

Duct work insulation can be purchased in rolls at home improvement stores and installed following instructions. It is a good idea to have your ductwork professionally inspected and any leaks sealed before installing insulation. Check out our recent blog post on all things duct work to learn more.

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