Everything You Need to Know About Ducts

old ducts, value of good ductwork, orange county hvac

old ducts, value of good ductwork, orange county hvacThe quality of your ductwork can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your home.  Even if you have an energy efficient HVAC system and you have sealed all your windows and doors to be able to better regulate your home, that could be wasted if you don’t have properly insulated ducts.  If you have cracked or low quality ducts running through your attic, you are losing your heating or cooling efficiency before it even gets inside your home.

Over the last year, we have filmed quite a few pieces on ducts, so we thought we would put them together for you.  In the first two videos, Allen Puig explains the difference between good and bad ducts as well the common components of a duct system.

In these last three videos, Joey Gibellino gives you some tips for when to replace your ducts, what to do if you have leaking ducts, and if you should have your ducts cleaned.

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