Happy Earth Day!

We have told you about some great things you can do to help the environment. Now is the perfect time to reaffirm your commitment to a cleaner, greener earth or start a new one by joining people all over the world as they celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. North_America_from_low_orbiting_satellite_Suomi_NPP

People all over the world celebrate Earth Day by doing environmentally friendly activities and pledging to reduce their usage of resources. Earth Day Network works with communities in over 190 countries to encourage people to engage in Earth Day and guide them in how they can participate.

This year, Earth Day Network’s projects include planting trees all over the world and a campaign to protect the Asian elephant! On their website, the Network provides causes like these that you can support, as well as a list of things you can do in your own life and household to support the health of the environment.

The list includes adjusting your water heater, composting food scraps, and buying local produce. You can visit the Earth Day Network website to learn more and take your own pledge to make some simple changes that can make a big difference.

Earth Day was started in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, who asked people to come together to talk about environmental issues. Over 2 million American’s supported the first Earth Day by going to parks, college campuses, and other public places to stage peaceful demonstrations expressing their desire for a healthier earth.

According to the Earth Day Network, the first Earth Day came at a turning point in history when people were forgetting about the environment in the face of big businesses. It encouraged Americans to commit to a healthier earth and inspired the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the launch of an environmental movement in the United States.

The Network says that we are currently at another turning point where people need to turn their attention back to the environment as businesses get bigger and cities get more crowded.

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