Understanding Energy Efficient Upgrades and Incentives

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If you’re looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient heating system, we’re here to help you. And if you haven’t thought about upgrading yet, it might be time to look into your options. The first step is to understand how efficiency is measured for a furnace system. Once you understand this, you can upgrade knowledgeably and take advantage of some great incentives.

The measure of efficiency for a furnace system is called Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE. The number on your furnace will make it easy to understand how much of the money spent on fuel actually gets turned into heat for your home and how much is lost through the system’s vent pipe. You can save as much a 35% on your gas bill by upgrading from an old system to a new fuel efficient one. Watch the first video below to hear Allen Puig, Project Manager here at Alps, explain more about AFUE on different systems.

On top of the money you can save by upgrading, getting an energy efficient furnace is made very affordable by Energy Upgrade California, a program that offers rebates on energy efficient furnace systems and other home upgrades. Watch the next video to hear Allen explain how affordable it really is to upgrade to a more energy efficient system with the help of Alps Air Conditioning and Heating, a proud participating contractor in the statewide initiative.

Energy Upgrade California

California has implemented a new energy-saving program called Energy Upgrade California in an effort to cut down on California’s energy spending. Joey explains the implications of this program and how having a certified Energy Upgrade California contractor can save you money and energy!

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