Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Failing Air Conditioner

AC Warning Signs in Anaheim, CA

If you have an older air conditioner and are starting to notice some strange things going on, you might wonder if you’re having problems that are going to quickly get worse. These issues could result in you needing to replace your existing equipment. If you’re ever unsure of whether or not you need a new air conditioner, rely on some of these quick tips.

Pay Attention to Strange Sounds

One of the most common things that you might notice from an air conditioner that’s starting to go bad is strange sounds. Whether you hear a clunking, ticking or grinding sound, there might be something that’s about to break down. Being cognizant of this can save you time in the long run because many fixes can be less expensive if you tackle them sooner rather than later. While it’s possible that your air conditioner is simply old, it’s best to talk to your AC technician to make sure so that you can avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Take Action If You Notice Strange Smells

You might also notice strange smells. These can be a sign that there’s moisture building up from the air conditioner pulling humidity out of the air. Water accumulation can cause mold, mildew and other problems. Otherwise, you might have a problem with some of your electrical connections. If you have something wrong with the electrical components, you might notice burnt smells. When you become aware of any odd odors, you need to have your air conditioner fixed right away to avoid further damage and potential dangers.

Low Airflow or Warm Air From Registers Could Signal a Problem

Not getting enough airflow or having air that’s warm coming through your registers is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner and need to have it fixed. When you notice this, you’ll likely want it taken care of soon because you’ll also be suffering from the summer heat. If you’re not getting any airflow or you’re getting warm air through the registers, there are a few things that might be going on. For instance, if the air is cool but the airflow is restricted, you might have clogs in the ductwork. Otherwise, if you notice that the air is warm, you could have a problem with the coils that house the refrigerant.

Watch Out for High Energy Bills

High energy bills are another sign that you might have something wrong with your cooling system. When your air conditioner isn’t working optimally, you could notice an uptick in your energy bills because your system has to work harder to cool your home. You might have a motor that’s beginning to fail, a leak in the ductwork or just a dirty air filter. Otherwise, your air conditioner could need new refrigerant or a tune-up. Finally, you might also need a whole new system. While it’s never fun to replace your air conditioner, you can save yourself money in the long run if you do it sooner rather than later. This is especially true if the air conditioner is close to the end of its life expectancy.

High Humidity Even After You Run the Air Conditioner

If you run your air conditioner but notice that it still doesn’t pull out enough humidity, you have a problem. You might have a dirty evaporator coil or leaky ductwork. If you recently bought your house or had a new air conditioner installed, you could be noticing problems because the system is not correctly sized for your residence. An experienced technician will be able to give you insight into what might be the problem with your air conditioner.

Water or Freon Leaks Around the Air Conditioner

Whenever you notice water or any kind of liquid around your air conditioner, you should contact a technician right away. Regardless of what is leaking, you have a problem that could be slowing down your air conditioner’s ability to cool the house.

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