Automating the Door Locks in Your Home

Schlage lockIt seems like every day there are new ways to automate your home. More importantly, these tools for home automation are becoming accessible to more people. You no longer need to be ultra-wealthy to consider automating part or all of your home.

However, most home automation for the masses isn’t going to start with a smart refrigerator or a microwave that can be controlled by your smartphone. Home automation is entering the home through the HVAC system. Almost every maker of thermostats offers a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that can be controlled from your smartphone from anywhere.

Home automation is getting to the masses through things in your home that are used the most and can be more efficient and/or safer through automation. A prime example of this is automating your door lock.

American Standard, who has been manufacturing HVAC equipment for over 130 years, created Nexia Home Intelligence and entered into a partnership with Schlage to automate the door locks in your home. Nexia and the associated components allows you to control a door lock in your home from anywhere via your computer, smartphone or tablet. It is essentially controlled through your thermostat. However, setting and adjusting your HVAC system is only a small part of Nexia’s capabilities.

Automating your door lock can be as simple as locking or unlocking your door. It can also be used with a keypad to set codes, along with hours of access those codes can be used. This way, you can give your housekeeper or dog sitter a code which only gives them access during the hours you set.

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