Benefits of Smart Light Bulbs

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Light bulbs aren’t exactly what they used to be. In the last few years, they have gone from your standard bulb to being a lot more efficient. Now, you can control your lights – even their color – from anywhere with your smartphone. While you might not need all of the 16 million colors available from some of these bulbs, there are definitely some other benefits to having smart light bulbs.

smart light bulbs, lifx light bulbs, orange county hvac

Save Energy

This is one of the best reasons to invest in smart light bulbs. Not only can you control when they are on and off, many of them will actually learn your behavior. This is helpful for when you forgot to turn out some lights and is also good for showing you what lights you leave on the most. Maybe there are lights that don’t need to be on at all, but since you never think of it, you never turn them off.


Smart light bulbs are also great for when you are gone on vacation. Instead of leaving a few lights on while you are gone, you can set them to go on and off based on when they normally go on and off. They can even be staggered so they go on in the kitchen around dinnertime and in the bedroom later in the evening. This will make it seem like you are home, even if you are not.

Easy to Adjust

Because these light bulbs can be controlled from your smart phone, it’s easy to adjust your lights from wherever you are. This can be extremely convenient if you leave the home and realize your upstairs bathroom light is on, for example.


Many of these smart light bulbs can be set so if your phone is ringing or if you get a text message, the lights will turn different colors to notify you.

Smart light bulbs are part of a new wave of apps and devices that help automate your home and make it able to be controlled from your smartphone. If you are interested in smart light bulbs, we encourage to check out a few of them: LIFX, Hue, and ilumi all offer smart light bulbs and apps to control them.