Using Insulation To Save Money

Using Insulation To Save Money

Saving money on your utility bills is a common goal for many homeowners. After all, the number one source of energy usage in a home is it’s HVAC system and no one Using Insulation To Save Moneylikes seeing a large electricity or gas bill after it’s been especially hot or cold.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to save money on your utility bills, improving your home’s insulation is one of your best options.

How Does Insulation Work To Keep Costs Down?

 Insulation in your home works to improve the efficiency of your home by keeping the conditioned air (heated or cooled) inside your home and keeping out the outside air.

While most homes are insulated to some degree, not all insulation is equal. In most homes we visit, we often find large gaps in insulation or opportunity for improvement.

Additionally, insulation can be a relatively inexpensive solution that can save you money over time.

It is important to understand how well your home is defended from leaks and drafts that will allow cold or warm air to escape, which will ultimately contribute to higher bills and an inefficient HVAC system. We have the ability to test for these leaks to see where there are air leaks.

Two main areas where drafts and leaks are often found, and benefit most from updated insulation, is in your home’s attic and basement.

If an attic isn’t properly insulated, it can result in a very hot or cold attic. This can transfer to your living space very easily. Additionally, if your ceiling isn’t properly insulated, conditioned air (especially warm air) can escape into the attic.

If your basement isn’t insulated, the same can happen. The extreme temperatures in your basement can transfer to your main living space. During the cold winter months, cold air from a basement underneath your home could very well make its way into your family’s living area if there are additional leaks.

It’s important to have an an HVAC professional check for any leaks or openings in your home’s structure that could benefit from added insulation.

If you’d like us to test your home to see how much conditioned air is leaking outside of your living space, please contact us at 800-994-2577.