3 Ways Decorative Window Treatments Can Conserve Energy in Your Home

Looking to transform the feel of your home? Bring a splash of color and style to your home and preserve its energy efficiency through window treatments such as awnings, mini-blinds, blackout curtains, and drapes. Homeowners, who design their window treatments wisely, can boost their household energy efficiency savings.

Following these simple window decoration tips can help stretch your climate control dollar throughout the year.

Drape Your Bank Account in Savings

Regardless of the season, your in-home comfort level is important. Reduce the brutal summer heat and harsh winter temperatures by choosing the right fabric when purchasing drapery. For example, drapes with light-colored material facing out and designs with shiny white plastic backings will reflect more sunlight, which will help to control the heat in your home on those hot summer days. Block out unwanted heat by ensuring they overlap in the center when closed, touch the ground, are sealed all the way around, and are flush with the wall along the sides and the top.

During the winter months, drapes can curb the cold weather from disturbing the heat in your home. Even on the coldest days, you can enjoy free heat and sunlight by opening drapes on sun-facing windows.

Let the Sun Shine in

Lavish, decorative drapery isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a more functional option, choose blinds, shades or shutters to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Although these may not be as powerful in blocking out the sun’s harsh rays as drapes, they can still help cool your home, and reduce your air conditioning bill. Many homeowners enjoy the benefits of adjusting blinds to their preferred level of light and heat.

Choose shades with reversible designs – light on one side and dark on the other. Place the light side against the window in the summer to deflect unwanted heat. Then, turn the shades around to absorb free heat from the sun during the winter months.

Install an Awning

Don’t forget to evaluate the exterior of your home for potential energy savings. Simple additions to the outside of your home such as awnings provide energy-saving shade and a chic look. Install awnings on south and west-facing windows to combat the sun from heating up your home. For convenience, purchase retractable or removable awnings to let the sun warm your home for free during the colder months.

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