Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC System

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Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner! Time to do a little spring cleaning, including the cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system. OCHA (The Occupational Safety & Health Administration) suggests cleaning and disinfecting your system at least twice a year. If you use your unit heavily year-round then quarterly cleanings are recommended.

The best time to clean your system is right before the heavy cooling season. For Southern California, this usually means April or May. Keeping the system clean will ensure that it runs more efficiently, which will save you both energy and money. A system that is dirty can also prove to be a health hazard. By disinfecting your system, you are ensuring the removal of any dangerous bacteria such as Legionella from growing under layers of slime or scale. Mold inhibitors stop bacteria, fungi, mildew and mold from growing in your system and spreading it throughout your home.

To prevent buildup of scale and sediment you must absolutely maintain your chiller tubes according to the manufacturer’s directions. Periodic maintenance helps control the growth of Legionnaires’ disease bacteria and other organisms.

Another area to focus on in your HVAC system is your air conditioning coils. Clean coils result in increased system efficiency, better heat exchange properties, and healthier environments. The best and most effective way to thoroughly remove dirt from coils is with high-pressure cold water. The pressurized water pushes the dirt back out of the coils. But be careful because too much pressure can bend the coil’s delicate fins.

And, as always, regularly changing out your filters will help to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum comfort.

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