Size Matters with HVAC

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Size Matters with HVAC

Proper sizing of your HVAC equipment is crucial to the performance and efficiency of the system. Bigger isn’t always better. It is essential for the HVAC contractor or technician to correctly size the unit to meet the needs of the cooling and heating load.

If the unit is too large, then it will lead to reduced cycle times, which leads to reduced efficiency. Reduced efficiency leads to higher operating costs and can keep the unit from running long enough to complete the job of removing excess humidity from the home, which could reduce comfort levels.

If there is a system that needs to be replaced, that doesn’t automatically mean that the replacement will be the same size and capacity as the existing system. Any updates or changes in the home (renovation, new insulation, updated equipment…etc) and other factors such as technological advances in the world of HVAC may call for different size of system.

It is also important for a technician to conduct heating and cooling load calculations before installing any system. These calculations should be done for the entire house or room-by-room and will be affected by factors such as the number of windows, the square footage of the home, air filtration, loss of air in unconditioned spaces, and shading devices.

In the world of HVAC equipment, bigger isn’t always better. Allen explains the importance of properly sized equipment for the heating and cooling of your home or office building.

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