Signs it is Time for a New Furnace

A good furnace will last a long time, but not forever. If you have a furnace that has been working hard for you and your home for quite a few years it might be in need of replacement. Here are a few simple signs that it is time for a new furnace in your home.Gasfurnace1


First, find out how old your furnace is. In homes today most furnaces last 15 to 20 years. The date of manufacture will be in the owner’s manual or on the furnace with the serial number. If you can’t find it in either of these places, a quick call to the manufacturer can tell you when your model of furnace was made.

Also, most furnaces don’t have pilot lights anymore. Having one on your furnace is a good indication that it is old and needs to be replaced. If your furnace is approaching 15 years old start looking for a replacement. That way, you will be ready when it stops working.

Rising Gas and Electricity Bills

Furnaces often lose efficiency as they get older. When they do, they have to run longer to give you the same amount of heat. An old furnace may also stop heating all rooms of your house equally and tempt you to keep turning up the thermostat to get warm. If you haven’t changed your heating habits but your bills start going up, you may need a new furnace, or at least some cleaning and maintenance.


If there are strange noises coming from your furnace it is definitely time to have it checked out. Loud humming and buzzing when the furnace is running, or clanking when it starts up or shuts down are signs that something more serious is wrong inside the machine. The sound of the blower running excessively or at odd times is also a symptom of an old furnace that is starting to break down.


Any sign of rust or soot on the surface of the furnace or cracks on any of its components should prompt you to have it checked out. These are especially dangerous signs because they mean that the furnace could be leaking unwanted chemicals into the air in your home. You want to get these problems out of your house right away before they make you or your family sick.

Excessive Repairs

If you find yourself constantly calling your HVAC specialist to have something repaired it may be time to get an entirely new furnace. In the last two years of life a furnace often begins to break down one part at a time. It is normal for a furnace to need maintenance and repairs every once and a while, but if it seems like a different part is breaking every few months your furnace might be telling you it is ready to be replaced.

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