How To Reduce Dust In Your Home

reduce dust, get rid of dust in my home

reduce dust, get rid of dust in my homeAt ALPS, air quality and HVAC services go hand-in-hand. When we come to your home to repair any of your HVAC components we always recommend continued maintenance of your units by regular cleaning and replacements when needed to avoid build-up, excess dust and wear and tear on your units.

In the meantime, to preserve your HVAC unit in your home there are easy ways to avoid the dust layering that not only ruins your air conditioners and heaters but also is bad for your health.

Say ‘No’ To Carpeting

Many older homes are a magnet for carpeting, especially in the bathrooms. While eliminating carpeting completely from your home may be impossible or way too expensive, carpeting in general is notorious for attracting dust mites. Investing in hardwood floors, linoleum or vinyl is a great option if you are in the market for an upgrade. But if you do have a carpeted house, it is recommended you vacuum at least once per day, even if it is just a quick chore before bed. Also, invest in a more heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to lift dust from your carpet (check for a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter).

Clean Everything Once A Week

Cushions, pillows, drapes, rugs, bed sheets, bed comforters…you name it! Dust settles on all aspects of your house so if you are not consistently cleaning you will find yourself having more allergies, feeling more tired and your sleep will be more restless. Take your rugs and cushions outside and get a broom to give them a nice beating. You will see the dust particles flying everywhere, and to think that was in your house! Washing your sheets and towels is not only good for dust purposes but for your overall health as well.

Remove The Clutter

It is almost summertime, which may just be the perfect time to perform some spring-cleaning. Dust tends to gather around things placed on the floor for long periods of time so go through your home and relocate anything that is on the floor that doesn’t need to be. Next, cleaning out your closet and removing any cluttered items or clothes you haven’t worn in a while and storing that (or throwing it all away) will reduce the amount of dust that gathers in your room as well. Cleaning around items on the floor or in your closet just pushes all the dust into the corners.

Lastly, your air conditioning filters need maintenance on a regular basis. Not sure where to start? Call us at 800-994-2577.