Money Saving Strategies In Your Home For The Winter

Save Money In The Winter, Energy Efficient In The WInter

Save Money In The Winter, Energy Efficient In The WInterOur team at Alps understands that many families are focused on saving money in the months following the holiday season. We want everyone to stay warm during the winter while also being energy efficient.

There are a handful of simple strategies to slim your energy bill without compromising your level of comfort in your home.

Search For Drafts And Air Seal Them

Running your heater with tons of small gaps throughout your home means your heater is working overtime. Take an hour out of your day to see where the cold air is streaming in from and seal them shut. The most common places to look are edges of doors and windows.

Take Advantage Of Blankets And Warm Clothing

During the day while lounging around the house there is no need to crank the heater on high. Pile on the blankets when you’re sitting on the couch and light candles. Layers will keep you warm while leaving the heater on a neutral temperature. Candles are comforting in cold environments as well!

Be Smart About Your Space Heater

Although space heaters work less efficiently than furnaces, if you spend most your time in just a couple of rooms in your house it is actually cheaper to bring the space heater with you from room to room.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fan

Because heat rises, running an overhead fan on low will help keep a room warm. Warm air sits near the ceiling making it feel colder in a room than it really is.

Cook At Home And Turn Off The Heater During Mealtimes

Not only will the chef warm-up from working hard in the kitchen, the ovens and stovetops will radiate warm heat throughout the kitchen area.

These simple tricks can easily save you money on your energy bill each month. So throw on your thick sweaters and cuddle up under warm blankets!

Do you have questions about how to make your home more energy efficient? Please call us at 800-994-2577.