Keeping Your Cool In The Office

office temperature, keeping your cool in the office

office temperature, keeping your cool in the officeCold in the morning but hot in the afternoon? Finding the right temperature for everyone in the office can be a job all on its own. Some people have a tendency to heat up as the day goes on and others may feel consistently cold all day long. How do you strike a balance?

Drink Cold Water

And lots of it. If you naturally have a higher body temperature, then you are probably one of those people in the office constantly complaining about the temperature. You might even get glared at for slightly turning the thermostat down. But if you are drinking enough cold water throughout the day your body will regulate a lot better and you will be hydrated, which has its own great health benefits.

Desk Fan

If watching your coworker in the morning using a heating blanket sounds like your worst nightmare, then a small desk fan could be your new favorite cooling trick. Set it on your desk and run it on low just to help circulate air in your area. Sometimes just feeling stale air moving around us will give us the effects of an air conditioner.

Take Your Breaks Outside

This is great for whether you are too hot or too cold. If your office is too cold for you, instead of taking you ten-minute break in office go for a hot lap – a 10-minute walk around your office building or the parking lot will help to release toxins and better circulate your body. Not only will you get some sun on your skin but also this miniature workout will keep you warm way after you sit back at your desk again. If your office it too hot for you, step outside and cool down in the shade with ice water. Take a couple of deep breaths to calm down your system and send waves of fresh air throughout your body, cooling you down internally.

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