HVAC Systems and Storms: The Steps You Need to Know

HVAC Systems and Storms

We don’t get a lot of storms, but when it rains it pours here in the southland.

Here are some tips to keep your HVAC system working properly before, during and after the storm.HVAC Systems and Storms

HVAC Systems and Storms: Keep You Wires In Check

Excessive rain and powerful winds can really put your HVAC system to the test here in Southern California.

During a wet winter or a windy Santa Ana winds season, be sure to cover and secure your wires and make sure none are exposed so they will not get wet and short out.

Also, be sure to secure or store any loose items from your yard. Strong winds such as that during the Santa Ana winds season are notorious for knocking over such items as lawn furniture or grills. Securing these loose items helps to protect your home from damage.

HVAC Systems and Storms: After the Storm

Once the worst is over, be sure to do a thorough visual inspection of your unit to make sure there is no damage, as well as ensuring there is no debris that may affect your unit.

If you are unsure about the state of your HVAC unit, be sure to call a professional.

At Alps, we have over three generations of heating and air conditioning expertise.

Whether you require assistance regarding storm damage, or even if you only need routine maintenance, we have you covered.

Our clients return to us because of the immaculate care we take to protect their homes, keeping them clean and intact. Even more importantly, we always abide by manufacturer recommendations and city code requirements.

Have questions? We’ve got the solution. Contact us today for the very best HVAC service Orange County has to offer at the very best prices.