How your HVAC System can Affect the Value of Your Home

Spring is historically a popular season for home sales. Sellers often prepare their homes to go on the market by sprucing up their curb appeal and adding a fresh coat of paint and new carpet to the inside. Homeowners often focus more on their home’s aesthetics and overlook the performance of their HVAC unit and other key appliances before listing their home. Don’t wait to improve the value of your HVAC unit until the home inspectors uncovers costly issues during the pre-closing inspection.

These simple HVAC factors will influence the sale or market value of your home:

Unit Performance

Through serving our clients, we have learned that system performance matters.  Heating and cooling preferences may vary among people, but it’s important that appropriate temperatures welcome prospective buyers as they tour your home.   Make sure your unit is capable of adjusting the climate quickly to a temperature that suits them.  Depending on where you live, you may only run your unit at peak times, but the next owner may run it consistently.  Evaluate the performance of your system before asking a real estate agent to list your home.

Unit Maintenance

Today’s financially savvy buyer is weighing costs other than a home’s purchase price before signing on the dotted line. Utility bills and maintenance costs can make or break a contract on your home. Seasonal system maintenance and changing the air filter regularly are simple ways to extend the life of your unit and keep your home under contract. Provide prospective buyers with maintenance records, transferable warranty information and utility costs to help them make a final decision. Your due diligence will show the new homeowner that you have a dependable HVAC system with well-maintained parts.

Unit Age

Repairing a furnace or air conditioning unit that is more than 10 years old may not be enough to satisfy prospective buyers. Although the investment in replacing the existing unit can be overwhelming, a newer unit is more likely to close the sale. Build the system’s replacement cost into the sales price of your home to offset the money you come out of pocket to replace the unit. This approach can increase a future buyer’s interest in purchasing your home.

Looking for ways to prolong the life of your HVAC unit? Schedule your seasonal maintenance with Alps.