HVAC Maintenance: What To Leave To A Professional

HVAC Maintenance

It’s always good to know how to do the dirty work on your own when it comes to the up-keeping of your home. Unfortunately, there are certain aspects of home care and maintenance that should be left to trained professionals to ensure you are providing the very best care for your home – especially when it comes to your HVAC unit. At ALPS, we make it our number one priority to keep your safety in mind when it comes to your home’s cooling and heating system.

HVAC Maintenance

Below are the top HVAC issues that should be left to professionals:

Cleaning and Oiling

HVAC systems require special care when it comes to cleaning and oiling to ensure they are properly working for years to come. It is best to schedule an appointment to have this line of work done to ensure it is taken care of with the utmost expertise. Although it may seem tempting to clean and oil your unit yourself – be sure to stick to professional advice to make sure it is done correctly!

Debris Removal

Having a professional examine your HVAC system’s emergency drain line is vital to keeping your unit running smoothly. The condensate drain system needs to be properly examined to ensure water can drain freely without any buildup of accumulated debris.

Voltage and Electricity Check

 HVAC units require large amounts of power to keep your home cooled/heated throughout the year. It is important to leave any voltage checking to a professional to ensure your utmost safety.

Thermostat Testing

One of the most important factors in ensuring your home is properly cooled/warmed is the correct calibration of your thermostat. A poorly running thermostat can do extensive damage to your system/electricity bill. Be sure to use an experienced technician’s expertise to monitor your HVAC unit’s thermostat is accurately providing correct temperature readings.

If you have any questions regarding your HVAC unit, or need to request system maintenance, give ALPS a call at 800- 994- 2577.