How to Stay Cool Without Using the A/C

With increasing temperatures often comes increasing A/C costs – but that does not always have to be the case. The sun may be out, but there are alternatives to turning on your costly A/C system. Below are a few tips that will be easy on your pocketbook while keeping your home cool during the hotter days:


1. Turn on your fans

A few well-placed fans can do wonders to create a pleasant cross-breeze that keeps the rooms in your home from feeling too sweltering. Setting your fan to run counterclockwise during the summer can also make it feel even cooler in the room as a result of the ‘wind chill’ effect created, where hot air is pulled up towards the ceiling and dispersed.

2. Close your blinds

Blocking the sunlight from entering your home by closing the blinds can reduce standing temperatures in your home by up to 20°F, and save you a decent amount of money on your energy bills.

3. Close the doors of unused rooms

Closing the doors of any unused rooms in your house will keep the cold air only in the well-traveled parts of your home. This means that your A/C system will not have to work as hard to cool down the house, either.

4. Dim or turn off the lights

Lightbulbs, especially incandescent lights, can give off more heat than you might think. By dimming or turning off lights in your house that you use less often, you can save money on your energy bill as well as keep your home cooler.

5. Take in the night air

Though temperatures can reach record highs in the day, during the night they usually drop drastically. Take advantage of this opportunity by opening your doors and windows at night to let the cool air flow in and fill your house.

Remember: turning on your A/C system is not the only way to stay cool through the blazing hot California days. There are lots of ways to stay cool and comfortable without driving up your energy costs.

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