How To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

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If your Orange County home currently does not have a centralized air conditioning system, it can be uncomfortably warm inside of your house in the summertime. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to help lower the temperature inside of your residence and make your family feel more comfortable while at home this summer season.

Make Use of Blackout Curtains and Blinds

One of the most significant contributors to the warmth inside of your home is direct sunlight coming in. If you have ever sat next to a window that has direct sunlight coming in, you know that it can heat you up very quickly. When you’re trying to keep your house colder in the summer months, it’s important to block out this direct sunlight. Using blinds and curtains is a great way to keep the sunlight out and your residence cool. If you really want to maximize the amount of direct sunlight that you’re keeping out of your home, consider purchasing blackout curtains or blinds.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great tool that can help adjust your family’s comfort level while you’re home. Just the simple fact of having a breeze against your skin can help you feel like it’s much colder than it actually is. Do yourself a favor and invest in putting ceiling fans in the most highly trafficked rooms in your house. These should include your bedrooms, living room, home office, and even your kitchen. Make sure that you have them pointed in a counterclockwise direction, as that will force the air down on you.

Open Your Windows at Night

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when they’re trying to cool their home without an AC system is to open their windows. Opening your windows allows the humidity from outside to come into your house. Humidity is the biggest problem when it comes to trying to cool down your body temperature. When the humidity level is high, it makes your body feel much warmer than it actually is. You should reserve opening your windows until after the sun goes down and it cools off a bit.

Do Your Cooking Outdoors

If you do not plan on using an air conditioner throughout the hot summer months, you should invest in an outdoor grill. This can allow you to cook your food outside, where the heat radiates into the open air. When you use the stove or oven inside of your home, it emits a lot of heat. If you have to use your indoor appliances, consider waiting until later in the evening when it’s cooler outside, and be sure to open your windows to better disperse the heat.

Close Unused Rooms

If you live in a sizable home, it’s likely that you have a room or two that you don’t use that often. Whether it’s a spare office room or a guest bedroom, you should close the door. This will allow you to keep the majority of the cool air that you get inside of your home in the rooms that your family spends the most time in.

Consider Finishing Your Basement

One of the coldest rooms in your entire home without air conditioning is going to be the basement. If you don’t want to invest in air conditioning, you may want to consider finishing an area of your basement. Even having a simple living room downstairs can help to keep your family cool during the hot summer months.

Use Box Fans

Box fans can be a great addition to increasing your family’s comfort level when it’s very hot outside and you lack air conditioning. If it’s too hot inside of your house in the daytime, you may want to consider putting box fans in some of your windows. While you may be tempted to face the fan inward, all you are doing is blowing hot air from the outdoors into your home. What you want to do is face the box fan in an outward direction so that it blows the warm air in your residence outside.

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