How to Choose a Thermostat for Your Home

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With so many options of thermostats in today’s market, how will you choose which is best for your home? In the video below, Joey Gibellino, Project Manager at Alps Air Conditioning & Heating, explains the difference between a basic thermostat and a programmable thermostat such as the products of Honeywell, a proud partner of Alps. Joey describes homeowner benefits like saving energy, comfort and convenience.

In the next video, Joey continues explaining the benefits of a programmable thermostat, the VisionPro 8000 by Honeywell. Aesthetically, the thermostat features a slim profile and wide touch screen surface display that is easy to use and easy to see. Want to see how you can control the temperature of your home from just about anywhere in the world? Check out the video below to hear about more great features of this product.

Take it up a notch and check out the Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi thermostat. In this video, Joey explains the advanced components and distinct characteristics of this leading product. Perhaps the most valuable aspect is the high-end communication system that lets Alps know when you need assistance with your thermostat issue.

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