Heating or Cooling Your Spare Bedroom

spare bedroom, heating guest bedroom in orange county

spare bedroom, heating guest bedroom in orange countyThis time of year is a common time for houseguests.  Whether it’s your in-laws, siblings or old friends, it is likely you will be hosting a guest in your home. And where will they stay? They will probably stay in your guest room.  And when was the last time YOU spent a night in your guest room?  You set the thermostat to be comfortable in your bedroom at night, but do you know what the temperature is like where your guests are?  Perhaps the temperature that is comfortable in your room makes it an icebox in theirs?  Chances are, you are unclear as to what the temperature is like in there, possibly creating an uncomfortable environment for your guests.

The good news is, this can all be avoided, and now is the perfect time to figure it out.  When you have guests this year, ask them how the temperature is in their room.  Find out whether it’s too hot or too cold.  If it’s a minor difference, perhaps you can simply adjust the thermostat to make it more comfortable for them, even if it isn’t ideal for you.

On the other hand, maybe there is a significant difference and by making them comfortable means you are miserable.  If this is the case, there are a couple solutions to help with this.  The first is to have us take a look at how the air is being distributed throughout the house.  It could be that the more air is flowing into one room over the other and by adjusting the airflow through the ducts with volume air dampers, you can create a more consistent temperature throughout your home. Allen Puig, project manager here at Alps, explains more about how we do this.

However, it may be that your current HVAC system simply isn’t strong enough, or maybe your guest room is a converted garage making it prohibitive to have your central air system heat or cool that room.  If this is the case, another option is to install a ductless heating and cooling unit.  This is an affordable way to have additional heating or cooling in a specific room and can easily be installed in any room.  It just might be perfect for your spare room, allowing your guests to keep the temperature where they want without having to compromise your comfort.

Here is a great video with Allen Puig explaining the benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system.

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