Health Benefits of Humidifiers

When it is cold out, a great heating system can keep you nice and cozy indoors. However, when the windows are closed and the air in your house is heated, it loses a lot of its humidity.740px-Humiplus

Humidity refers to the level of moisture in air. Ideal humidity for your home in the winter is 25-40%. During cold months, air outside is usually low in humidity and the process of heating the air in your home dries it out even more. Keeping the air in your home within a proper range of humidity has health benefits for you and your home and it can be done easily with a humidifier.

Healthy Home

The dryness can do the same thing to your house, causing wallpaper to peel and wood flooring and furniture to shrink and crack.  Keeping the air in your home at a healthy humidity level can prevent this and save you from having to make repairs.

Healthy Air

Humidifiers are also known to help ease cold symptoms by keeping your throat and nasal passages from feeling dry and scratchy. Maintaining ideal humidity can also help protect you from getting a cold or the flu in the first place because cold viruses thrive in cold, dry air. Allergens like dust can also be kept down by a proper level of moisture in the air.

Healthy Skin

Cold, dry air can pull the moisture out of everything. The cold months are when people usually experience cracked skin and chapped lips. Moisturizing the air that would usually dry you out will help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Healthy Wallet

Alps is always looking for ways to save you money on your heating bill. Humid air feels warmer than dry air. By keeping humidity up indoors you can keep the heater set a little lower to save energy, and still feel just as warm.

There are many benefits to having a humidifier, but it is always important to read instructions and use appliances properly. Too much use or neglecting to clean the humidifier and replace water can create an environment for mold.

Usually the humidity of your local area can be found listed alongside a weather report. You can also measure the humidity inside your home with a humidity monitor to find out if a humidifier could help keep you healthier and more comfortable in cold, dry weather.

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