Four Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Light Bulbs

Benjamin Franklin would be floored if he could see the array of light bulbs available to homeowners today! Light bulbs from this century are more efficient and can be controlled with a smart phone. You may be blinded by the light of endless options, so we have come up with four reasons to choose “smart” bulbs.

Energy Efficiency

This is one of the main reasons to purchase smart light bulbs. Many bulbs can learn your habits and turn off when they are not needed. Homeowners can control their energy output and their energy bills by choosing smarter bulbs.


Smart light bulbs are especially helpful when you are on vacation. Instead of wasting energy by leaving lights on for the whole trip, you can set a timer to turn on-and-off at specific times. Many timers can even be staggered so they go on in the kitchen at meal times and in the bedroom when it is time to go to sleep. This will give the illusion that you are home, even when you’re not.


Being able to control your lights from your smart phone will come in handy when you forget to turn them off. Did you forget to turn on a light before leaving to go out? Don’t worry! With smart bulbs, it is easy to adjust from wherever you are!


There are many different color options for smart light bulbs. Many even feature color-changing technology, so you can match your home to your current mood.

Smart light bulbs are a fantastic way to automate your home. If you are interested in smart light bulbs, we encourage to check out a few of them: LIFX, Hue, and ilumi offer smart options and the apps to control them.

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