Fixing Uneven Cooling in a Home

Having a home that isn’t cooling evenly can be a hassle. A variety of issues can cause certain rooms in your home to get extremely cold while others will be too hot. This uneven cooling can end up increasing your summer energy bills. However, taking a few steps can resolve the issue of uneven cooling.

Keep Your Fan Running

Ensuring that the air in your home stays circulating can keep warm and cold air mixing. Turning the fan on your AC system from “auto” to “on” can keep it running even if you aren’t actively cooling your building.

Check Your Duct System for Leaks

Cool air can escape from holes in your duct system. This can cause cool air to end up in your walls and other places where it’s not needed. Having a cooling system professional examine your ductwork can ensure that you’re not losing air and driving your cooling bills up.

Make Sure Your AC System Is Properly Sized

If your air conditioner is too small for your space, it won’t be able to keep all the rooms in your building cool. A professional can determine if your system is large enough to take care of your cooling needs. An annual tune-up for your system can keep everything running efficiently so that you can get the right amount of cooling.

Install a Temperature Zoning System

A modern cooling system can allow you to set different temperature zones in your home. Zoning systems are an energy-efficient way of keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the summer. By having a professional install a zoned system, you’ll have an easier time keeping certain rooms cool and others warmer.

A Reliable Heating and Cooling Company

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