Family Friendly Ways To Promote Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Family Friendly Energy Efficiency, Kids Saving Energy, Family Energy Efficient Home

Family Friendly Energy Efficiency, Kids Saving Energy, Family Energy Efficient HomeExplaining energy efficiency to children can be difficult and somewhat bland if not described in an exciting way. But there are fun and educational ways to involve your children in helping you save energy in your home by making games out of it.

Simple things like timing your children to see who can turn off the most lights in the house (safely) can inspire your kids from a young age to spot ways to conserve energy, even if they might not understand it quite yet.

To make energy efficiency even more fun for your kids, consider creating a chart system where they receive stickers for a job well done!

Who Can Get In And Out Of The Refrigerator The Fastest

We’ve all experienced indecisiveness when staring into the contents of our refrigerator, torn between the cheese and grapes. But if we ask our kids to think about what they want before they spend a couple of minutes staring at the contents of the fridge while cold air seeps out it will save a ton of energy.

Check For Leaky Faucets In The Bathrooms

This could be done before they go to sleep at night or when they wake up in the morning.

Who Can Take The Fastest Bath Or Shower (while still getting clean)

Playtime should be done outside of the bathroom area when your home is focused on energy conservation. A tip: you can play a fun 3-4 minute song while they wash up and when the song is over they should be rinsing off!

Sticky Note Reminders

If there is a ceiling fan in your child’s room, make a sticky note to remind them to turn it off when they leave. You can put fun and happy sticky notes on electronic devices throughout your child’s room reminding them to turn devices off before they leave the room.

Sleep Mode

Tell your kids to let their laptops or iPad’s go to sleep when they do, and switch the energy saver mode on.

Celebrate Their Hard Work

Kids want to take pride in helping out around the house, which is why it is important to let them get involved with something as important as energy efficiency. Simplify the concepts of energy conservation and let them become involved and feel proud for remembering to switch off their iPad’s at night. There are educational sites that are fun and interactive that teaches children why turning off their lights before they leave is important. You can tell them their room is not afraid of the dark and to turn off the lights when they leave, allowing all their toys to sleep and to unplug everything from the walls in their bedroom when not in use.

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