Energy Saving Benefits of Hang Drying Laundry

energy benefits of hang drying laundry, ways to save energy in orange county, alps hvac

In a study conducted in 2013, hanging laundry was America’s least popular way to lower utility costs. Approximately 85% of American households own tumble dryers, and those who do own one burn through two or more loads a week. Dryers are one of the top energy consuming appliances, using about 12% of a typical household’s electricity! This is a surprising contrast to the 95% of Italians who hang dry their clothes and the less than 50% of general Europeans who don’t own a dryer at all.

energy benefits of hang drying laundry, ways to save energy in orange county, alps hvac

Here in Southern California, the benefits of hang drying definitely outweigh the costs. By converting, you could save up to $200 a year on your electricity bill. In addition, clothes last much longer when they are air-dried than when they are tumble-dried. All the lint you peel off your dryer’s screen? That is worn away fabric! The rubbing of your clothes and the snagging from zippers causes threads to stretch, pull, and whither over time. All these factors (and the need for dryer sheets) are eliminated when hung outdoors, so you can keep your favorite sweater feeling soft and in-shape longer.

To get the most out of hanging your clothes, you must do it properly.

The Line

Make sure the line is taut prior to hanging your clothes so they don’t drag and touch the ground. Remember to wipe down the line with a damp cloth at least once a month to assure clean wire and clean clothes.

The Pins

Clothes pins come in a variety, but plastic is great. They are gentle on clothes and won’t leave lasting marks. They also come in bright colors, making them easier to find when you’re unclipping.

The Process

Before hanging your clothes, be sure to shake out the wrinkles.  This will help you save time on ironing. Hang your clothes upside down to prevent stretching in noticeable places. Because of the sun’s whitening agents, it is recommended that you hang your colored clothes inside out to preserve its vibrancy. This isn’t necessary for your whites: the sun will naturally bleach them!

If your clothes are a bit stiff after drying them on the line, feel free to put them in the dryer briefly. The touch-up setting will dispel of any remaining wrinkles and make your clothes soft in the process!

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