Duct Testing to Save Energy and Money

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Duct tests aren’t actually required by the city or state, so why do we do them? A duct test is an important way to make sure that the air you are paying for is actually making it to the rooms you want to heat or cool. If there are any leaks in ductwork, the air is wasted because it goes into the attic instead of into your home. But, after a duct test, those leaks can be fixed and your home will become more energy efficient.

In this video, Joey Gibellino, Project Manager at Alps, explains that duct tests are part of our commitment to helping reduce waste and saving you money as a company approved by the Energy Star Quality Installation program and the Energy Upgrade California program.

To test ducts, they are sealed off and blown up with air like a balloon. When we do this we can tell how much air goes straight through and gets to the living spaces of your house and how much is leaking out and being wasted. In this video, Joey demonstrates the process.

We recently tested a house where over one ton of air that is being paid for is actually lost into the attic. In this video you can see the test, and learn how Alps can help by sealing up those ducts so the house will cool off more quickly without wasting energy and money.

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