Do Plants Help Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is something everyone should be concerned with. The EPA estimates that the level of indoor air pollution is typically three to five times higher than the level of air pollution outdoors, which helps to show just how big of a problem it can be. Especially concerning are volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can constantly release into the air by furniture, nail polish, shampoo and even your home’s drywall, paint and other building materials. As a result, many homeowners are left searching for ways to reduce the potentially harmful effects of VOCs and other indoor air pollutants. One method that has increasingly grown in popularity is the use of houseplants to help reduce indoor air pollution.

Can Plants Really Reduce Indoor Air Pollution?

During the 1980s, NASA conducted a study looking at the effectiveness of plants in helping to filter out air pollution. The results of the study originally seemed very promising. Based on their results, the scientists determined that plants could indeed help to filter out some pollution from sealed environments such as space stations. Unfortunately, these results have never been replicated in any sort of home or office environment—mostly due to the fact that homes are not airtight, sealed spaces.

In a sealed environment, plants can help to filter out some VOCs and other pollutants. However, to see even remotely the same effect in an open environment such as a home, it would typically require a minimum of 10 plants per square foot or approximately 1,000 plants for every 10-foot by 10-foot room.

Simple Solutions to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Simply put, it is not even remotely feasible to improve your indoor air quality using plants alone. Nonetheless, there are a number of other methods you can use that will provide far greater benefits. Some of the methods you can use to improve your indoor air quality include:

  • Having your air ducts cleaned on an annual basis
  • Regularly changing your furnace and AC filters
  • Periodically opening your windows to refresh your indoor air
  • Using a high-quality air purifier

Don’t Let Poor Air Quality Get You Down

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