Cool Roofs – Lower Your Energy Bill Naturally

cool roofs, reflective roofs, energy saving roofs

In Southern California, it can get hot any time of the year. It’s not unusual to have a few days each month, even in the winter, where temperatures warm up to the point of needing to turn on your air conditioner. Because of that, there are many unique ways to combat the heat and keep your home cool. One of those is a reflective roof.

Reflective or “Cool” roofs reduce the temperature indoors (even in places your air conditioning can’t reach, like your attic) by simply reflecting sunlight and absorbing less heat. This technology proves to be both an environmentally friendly and cost efficient investment.

cool roofs, reflective roofs, energy saving roofs

Almost any roof can become a reflective roof by coating a preexisting one. However, here are a few methods to create a reflective roof. Typically, a roof is coated with a highly reflective, thick, white paint that protects against UV rays. In addition, it can provide waterproofing and restorative features. Other methods include sheet coverings or highly reflective tiles and shingles.

Here are a few of the many benefits of reflective roofs.

No or Less Air-Conditioning

Because they use no electricity, air conditioning costs are eliminated or significantly reduced- even during the hot summers. These roofs cool your home naturally by keeping the heat out.


Because reflective roofs absorb much less heat, they endure less sun damage and can last longer than a traditional rooftop. Traditional rooftops can reach up to 150°F or more on a hot day. A reflective rooftop will stay much cooler under the same summer conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

This option can benefit your household and your environment. The reflection of sunlight can help reduce local temperatures. Lower demands on energy can also prevent power outages and decrease power plant emissions in your community.

When deciding on a cool roof, you should consider the climate you live in. Although cool roofs conserve energy costs in the heat, it may increase costs in colder climates if you rely on the sun to heat your home.

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Image courtesy of Berkeley Lab.