Common AC Problems in Summer

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Temperatures in Orange County tend to go above 78 degrees during summer. At this time, dealing with a faulty AC is the last thing you are looking forward to. The dry air and extreme heat during this season tend to make you very uncomfortable. That is why you should always ensure that you have a functional AC unit as the summer sets in. It is also vital to know the common issues that your AC is likely to face. This helps you to detect an issue before it worsens. Here are the most common issues your AC is likely to face during the summer season.

1. Low Levels of Refrigerant

Refrigerant refers to a fluid found in your AC that sucks the hot air from your home and emits it outside. This helps in keeping your house very cool during summer. If your AC system is malfunctioning, the refrigerant could leak, leading to low levels. Also, it might be that the technicians who added the fluid during installation did not add enough. It is costly to keep on refilling your refrigerant. Therefore, contact the professionals for repair if you notice that leakage is the source of the problem.

2. High Electricity Bills

During summer, your electricity bills tend to go higher since you are probably using your AC unit 24/7. However, if the bills go extremely high, this could signal a problem. For instance, it could be that your thermostat is faulty.

3. AC Failing to Turn On

It is frustrating to try to turn on your AC, and it fails to start. A blown fuse or tripped breaker are the leading causes of this problem. If the AC motor fails, it might be an issue with your breaker. Worn-out capacitors also tend to prevent your AC from normal functioning. Capacitors are vital when it comes to providing energy to the fans and motors. Also, if the contractors that supply energy to the motor from the capacitors become corroded, your AC might fail to start. It is advisable to contact our technicians, and they will diagnose and fix the issue with your AC.

4. Dirty Filters

It would help if you changed the AC filters regularly, especially during summer. You can change them after around three months. Dirty filters tend to prevent your AC from functioning efficiently. If you neglect to do this for a long time, you won’t get sufficient airflow throughout your home, so the temperature in your home will be higher. If your AC’s manufacturer uses a reusable filter, ensure that you clean it regularly.

5. Dripping Water

If you inspect the AC system and detect any leakage, it might be time to contact the pros. If it’s the coolant that is leaking, that’s a big issue. However, it is also dangerous for water to leak. Leakages could be due to a blocked drain line. When the pipe that drains water from the evaporator clogs, the water accumulates in your AC unit and damages the interior components.

6. Produces Noise

If you notice that your air conditioning unit has suddenly started to produce a lot of noise, it could be faulty. It might be that the belt is faulty or the motor is broken, leading to squealing and screeching sounds. If you add a lubricant to the oil port, the noise may subside.

If your AC is rattling, thumping, or banging, this could signal an issue with the motor or blower assembly. It is advisable to switch off your cooling unit and contact our technicians to come and check it.

If the noise is smacking, you could have debris stuck in the blades. Before you contact the technicians, remove all the debris and restart your unit to see if it produces noise.

7. Fan Malfunction

If you fail to protect and encase the external fan correctly, the debris might damage the blades. To prevent this from taking place, keep the place close to the condenser clear. You can cut any bushes that are close to it since bent blades may result in further damages.

8. Inadequate Cooling

During summer, your chances of experiencing hot spots are high. This is where the cooling system is not adequately cooling your whole house. If this house is new, it could be that your system’s capacity system is not sufficient for your entire house. On the other hand, if this issue occurs after years of normal functioning, that’s an indicator of a problem. Contact our HVAC technicians so they can diagnose the problem.

Reach Out to the Professionals

If your system shows any of the above signs, reach out to us today. At Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer reliable heating and cooling services and indoor air quality and water heater service to the residents of Orange County and the neighboring areas. Contact us today to discover more about our services.