Choosing the Right Air Filtration System for Your Home

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Sometimes, your standard one-inch think air filter just doesn’t cut it.  Maybe you have allergies, maybe you have a sick family member or maybe you just want to have cleaner air! Whatever your reason, if you want to have cleaner air in your home, there are several options to choose from to help filter your air and keep it clean.

Media Filter

If you are interested in filtering out more dust and particles out of your air, a media filter is good option to consider.  The filter itself has much more surface area and is of higher quality.  This will filter out more dust out of your air and actually be easier on your system.  Additionally, because of the higher quality filter, you only have to replace it once every year, instead of every month.  In the video below, Joey Gibellino, one of our project managers, explains more and shows you what it looks like.

Ultra Violet Light Filter

If you want to take your air filtration to the next level, you can install an ultra violet light filter.  This works in conjunction with your media filter, but this kills any living organisms in your air.  Those might be bacteria, mold or mildew.  The UV light will actually purify your home, removing most of the living organisms out of your air.  Joey shows you how it works and demonstrates below what one looks like.

Home Purification System

Lastly, if you really want to have the cleanest air possible, you can install a three-in-one air purification system.  This will eliminate dust and kill 99.9% of all living organisms in your air.  Additionally, it has a third part that captures odors in the air.  Systems like this are what are used in hospitals, when it’s essential to have a clean air environment.  Take a look at the video below to learn how the system works!

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