How to Choose an Air Duct Cleaning Provider

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With the spring season almost upon us, it is important to think about getting the air ducts in your home cleaned. Some benefits of cleaning your air ducts include: getting rid of mounds of old dirt and dust particles that build up in the air ducts over time, eliminating pet dander or harmful chemicals that might be clinging to the sides of the ducts, and increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system overall.

air duct cleaning, hvac orange county, alps hvacDirty ducts can lead to respiratory discomfort and can aggravate existing health problems, especially for people with autoimmune disorders, asthma, or allergies. They can also decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system by up to 40%, which could increase your energy bill tremendously. So, it just makes sense to get your air ducts cleaned, especially around this time of year.

However, once you’ve made the decision to get your air ducts cleaned, how do you choose a good air duct cleaning provider? Well, here are some questions to ask yourself:

 Is the contractor willing to thoroughly inspect the entire HVAC system before cleaning it? Are they willing to give an appropriate quote or estimate prior to the work?

It is crucial that before an air duct cleaning contractor does any work, they inspect the system first. This will both give them an idea of the extent of work that needs to be done as well as give you an idea of what to expect for the cost of the job before the job even starts.

Does the contractor clean the supply ductwork? What about the return air ductwork?

The contractor should clean both the supply and return air ductwork in your home. This will promote clean, efficient dispersion and recirculation of air in your home.

Does the contractor clean the outside A/C unit as well? Will they remove the blower motor and clean each individual part? What about the evaporator coil, drain, and pan?

 In California’s hot weather, air conditioning units are an especially important part of the HVAC system, and it is essential that the outside unit is intact and running smoothly so that the inside of your home will stay cool with air moving through your newly-cleaned air ducts. When you pay for air duct cleaning, you pay for cleaning inside the house and out.

After finishing the cleaning portion of the job, will the contractor notify you if they have noticed any leaks, holes, irregularities, or other problems with your HVAC system?

Since efficiency and cleanliness are the main goals in maintaining your HVAC system, knowing whether your home system has any internal, hard-to-detect problems is critical.

Does the contractor have a satisfaction guarantee?

It is important to find a contractor that is willing to refund your money if you are somehow unsatisfied after the job.

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