The Care and Keeping of Your Furnace

gas furnaceYou probably don’t ever think about your furnace until you are stuck on a cold night with one that isn’t working. The truth is, a furnace is key to your home comfort and the key to keeping your home warm on those chilly nights. There are several very simple things you can be doing to care for your furnace so that it can take care of you.

You should be replacing or cleaning your furnace filters three to four times per year. This is a quick and easy job that every homeowner can tenant can do. By doing this, your furnace will run more efficiently, which will save energy and money.

A furnace that is not running at peak performance can also be dangerous. Inefficient burning gas from a malfunctioning or dirty-filtered furnace can produce larger amounts of carbon monoxide, which can cause flu-like symptoms, disorientation, or even death in extreme cases.

It is highly recommended that you have your furnace professionally cleaned and checked once a year. The older the furnace, the more important it is to service. Newer furnaces are equipped with many safety features that will automatically shut the furnace down when there is a malfunction. Older furnaces are without these devices and so are monitoring them is key.

Changing your furnace filter regularly will also give you a chance to assess if there are any problems more frequently. The filter is usually found just inside the front cover of the furnace. It may have its own access door in the front of the furnace. A clean filter will help your furnace more efficiently, and will keep dust from being circulated throughout your home.

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