How Can I make My Home Greener?

Efficient Home

Let’s face it; no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars every month on expensive utility bills.How Can I make My Home Greener?

Even worse is the amount of damage that can be done by overusing energy.

We all have to share our earth together, so why not start off the New Year by making your home a greener, more energy efficient living space for your family and for the better of the environment as well.

The following are easy tips for creating a cleaner and more energy efficient home without taking too much of your time or added money.

Recycling Is Key

 It’s a no brainer that recycling helps keep our environments cleaner and greener.

Recycling glass and plastic bottles is an easy way anyone and everyone can put their waste to good use.

Many people in California choose to make a little extra money each month by saving their plastic and glass bottles and cashing them in at a local recycling facility, such as the kiosks you see at your local market.

Composting Instead Of The Garbage Bin

 Composting your green wastes each month is a great way to give back to the environment.

Everything from grass and plant trimmings, old newspapers, stale and aging vegetables and more can be used in a compost bin.

Compost areas can be created for very little cost and have a major impact on the environment, as they create less waste and cut down on global emissions.

Think twice before throwing out your green garbage this week.

Cut Down On HVAC Use

 We all LOVE our HVAC systems during the cold and warm months, but there are greener alternatives that will benefit the environment when possible.

Instead of cranking up the heat when it’s cold out, invest in items like an electric blanket, which uses far less energy and can be moved to any part of the home.

During warm months, cool off by spending time near local pools or under the shade outdoors. If that doesn’t work, small portable fans tend to do the trick.

At Alps, energy efficiency is one of our main goals. If you have anymore questions on how to save money while benefitting the environment, give our team a call at 800-994-2577