Big Changes Ahead for HVAC in 2023

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The HVAC industry is constantly changing. New products, new technologies and discoveries, and better methods of performing quality work are on the minds of service professionals who seek more efficient ways to improve your home environment.

With some of these changes impacting both homeowners and service professionals alike, familiarizing yourself with changing regulations and industry innovations will allow you to make more informed choices as a consumer and a homeowner. Here are some of the biggest changes coming for HVAC in 2023, as well as how you can take advantage of these changes to yield a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Changes in Efficiency Standards

The U.S. Department of Energy has instated a mandate beginning on New Year’s Day that will raise minimum efficiency standards on all HVAC systems in production. Seasonal energy efficiency ratio ratings will be increased for homes across all regions of the U.S., which means that winter standard increases will change in the coming months. While Americans will not be required to replace old HVAC systems with the implementation of these new standards, anyone looking to replace their current system must take new SEER ratings into consideration when buying new appliances.

Going Paperless

Industry professionals are finally getting on the paperless train; while some HVAC professionals staunchly opposed the transition to digital invoicing and billing services, these are innovations that are only going to serve to make HVAC companies function more efficiently. Generating billing invoices and payments digitally has never been easier, and the HVAC industry’s commitment to “going greener” with the use of less paper is becoming a more attractive feature for consumers.

Home Automations and SMART Technologies

New and popular SMART technologies are taking center stage as people continue to improve their HVAC systems. Advanced, customizable options allow homeowners to remote monitor, control, and automate functions like heating and cooling, putting energy-saving capabilities at their fingertips. SMART technologies can also allow for real-time monitoring of your system, giving you essential information about energy use. This trend is expected to continue to grow as people discover how convenient and efficient HVAC regulation can be with these technologies.

Sustainability and Clean Energy

The growing trend of green energy and energy efficiency within the HVAC community has been booming, thanks to savvy consumers who call for more effective ways of using energy. The use of renewable energy sources, implementation of geothermal energy, and air-sourced heat pumps are becoming more popular energy-efficient alternatives to standard HVAC systems. HVAC manufacturers are now focusing on producing equipment that has higher energy-efficiency ratings established by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

Use of New Refrigerants

Another big change about to be implemented for the HVAC system in 2023 involves the kind of refrigerant that will be used in new air conditioners and heat pumps. For over a decade, residential cooling units have contained a volatile refrigerant called R-410a, which is a hydrofluorocarbon. This chemical has a very high warming potential, and it could harm the environment if it leaks into the groundwater from your cooling system. The EPA is phasing out the manufacture of R-410a and other HFCs by nearly 85 percent over the next 15 years.

Several heat pumps and new cooling systems have now been designed to be compatible with a more eco-friendly refrigerant known as R-454b. No new air conditioners or heat pumps will be manufactured to be compatible with R-410a, and homeowners who commit to using more eco-friendly systems will be offered state and national incentives for upgrading to new technologies.

How Do These Changes Affect Homeowners?

Changes in the HVAC industry can affect homeowners and people who purchase HVAC products in many ways. Changes in cost may increase initially, but the savings one could yield as a result of using new technologies would impact overall energy savings. Innovations in HVAC products and services are becoming more efficient, giving homeowners a much-needed break on energy costs and reducing our environmental impact one home at a time. These industry improvements lead to more advanced technologies, making comfort and convenience top priorities when heating and cooling your home.

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