The Benefits of Purchasing a Portable Air-Conditioner

The heat just won’t quit! As October comes to an end, we have been experiencing a few of the hottest days of the year. If this pattern continues, Southern California residents may not be able to survive with just ceiling fans or standing fans to cool us down.

Portable Air-Conditioner

Many homes in CA, especially those near the beach, do not have in-home air conditioning systems. If your home is not equipped, a portable air-conditioner may be the best, and most cost effective solution. They also require making an investment because many of the top-rated brands are expensive. But with many cities in California reaching record-breaking temperatures, it would be worth it to ensure your home remains cool and comfortable.

Is it Complicated?

Most portable air conditioners are not complicated to assemble. They are designed to be moved from room to room. Ensuring that you stay cool, no matter what room you decide to be in.

An online evaluation report found a number of great portable air conditioning options that could be the right fit for you.

Many of the top ranked A/C units ring in over $400, but there is an affordable choice. From the list, the EdgeStar ranked second and only costs $269.

Wall-Mounted A/C

Another option is to install a small, wall-mounted air conditioner. This option is more permanent.  Units are sealed and placed on an outside wall of your home or apartment. They work by pulling outside air into the A/C unit, cooling it and then blowing the treated air into your home.

Window A/C

Finally, if you only need to cool one specific area or room, it may be beneficial to install a window A/C unit. This unit is the best of both worlds. It is as effective as a wall unit, but can be moved to any room that has a window. This is a great alternative if you want the flexibility of a portable air conditioner, and the effectiveness of a wall unit, without having to cut a hole in your wall.

It is always a good idea to research the energy efficiency of a unit before you buy. This is the best way to keep your energy bills low, while minimizing your carbon footprint!

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