The Benefits of Double Paned Windows

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double paned window, orange county hvac, alps air conditioning and heatingLooking for ways to cut down on heating or cooling costs? Insulation is a key factor in household energy usage, so if your windows are the old single panes, it may be time for an upgrade. Regular windows allow air to escape more easily. This requires more work from the heating/cooling systems to maintain the desired temperature, and in turn, raises energy costs. Installing double paned windows can effectively double insulation for the home and reduce energy costs by over 20% – depending on the quality of the materials. Here are some basic benefits from utilizing double paned windows!


Double paned windows are built with two separate panes of glass .5 – .75” apart. This space is sometimes filled with argon or other non-toxic gases to improve the insulating abilities. The panes can be coated with UV protection to block sun rays into the home; for those located in Orange County like us, this is imperative to lowering air conditioning bills. The framing materials also play a large role in insulation strength. Be sure to ask an expert to find something that suits your preferences.

Ease of Cleaning

If the glass is built into an inset frame as one solid panel, this makes cleaning hassle-free. Some homeowners prefer to install decorative frames to create the illusion of several separate window panels, but this is an aesthetic choice. Inset frames also protect the internal framework from the elements and can prolong the life of the windows.

Noise Reduction

The inclusion of a second glass pane has another benefit – noise reduction. Sound waves have a difficult time penetrating two separate panes. Outside noise volumes are lowered, and for those concerned, this effect works both directions – activity inside the household will be quieted as well. This is an added bonus for people living near neighbors.
Using less energy to heat or cool the home means using fewer fossil fuels, so everyone wins! The cost of installing new windows varies by location and contractor. Search around your local area to find a company that’s right for you. EnergyStar provides more information on the types of windows available and how to install them. For questions about effective air conditioning use, call us 800-994-2577. We would love to help you in any way we can!