Avoid These Holiday HVAC Decorating Mistakes

We are days away from inviting Santa and all of his reindeer into our homes for the holiday. But many homeowners are busy and may have to rush through the decorating process in these last few days.

Before you start decking your halls and jingling your bells, make sure that your decorations aren’t imposing on your comfort, your HVAC equipment or your energy bill. Read on to learn how to avoid making these common holiday HVAC decorating mistakes.

Don’t: Decorate Your Thermostat

There are countless websites and Pinterest pages dedicated to holiday decorating. Some of them even have DIY projects of how to “dress up” your thermostat. Unfortunately, all of those pretty posts could be jeopardizing your home comfort and energy bill. Make sure to leave your thermostat uncovered. It needs to be exposed to accurately read the indoor the temperature of your home.

Don’t: Light Up Your Thermostat

Keep the twinkling lights as far away from your thermostat as possible. As we said before, your thermostat needs to be able to accurately gauge the temperature of your home. By surrounding it with hot bulbs, it may produce false readings. This may cause your HVAC equipment to run when it isn’t needed, leading to an uncomfortable temperature or high energy bills.

Don’t: Block Your Air Vents

Many families have guests visiting during the holidays. They may find it necessary to rearrange furniture in order to create more space. Make sure that nothing is blocking your air vents. If they are blocked, your blower could be working harder than it needs to be, which can lead to a shorter lifespan or costly repairs. Keep any objects, like furniture, gifts and trees, away from your air vents to maintain a comfortable temperature. It is especially important if you have a live tree. Not only will your tree dry out at a faster rate, it could be a potential fire hazard.

By avoiding these common HVAC decorating mistakes, you can keep your home festive (and comfortable) this holiday season. For more holiday HVAC tips and tricks, please contact us!