How to Avoid Dust Overload

Air quality and HVAC services go together like peanut butter and jelly. One thing that ruins that relationship in a hurry is dust. At Alps, we recommend a regular cleaning whenever a technician is called out to service your HVAC equipment. Regular maintenance will prevent dust and debris from being able to settle. This will keep your equipment in tip-top shape and avoid any health-related issues from arising.

If you are between maintenance appointments, there are simple things you can do to keep dust from building up on your heater or air-conditioner:


Many homes, especially those built more than ten years ago, are filled with carpet. Some even have carpet installed in the bathroom! Unfortunately, carpet is a magnet for dirt, debris, and dust mites.

It may be too much of an expense for many homeowners to rip out their carpet in favor of hardwood or vinyl. We suggest vacuuming at least 2-3 times per week. If you can’t upgrade your carpet, it may be a good idea to upgrade your vacuum. There are heavy-duty vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed to remove dust and debris from your carpet. You can add a high-efficiency air (HEPA) filter.


Many home items that are made of fabric should be cleaned at least once per week. This list includes: couch cushions, pillows, curtains, rugs, bed sheets, and bed comforters. Dust does not discriminate. It will settle anywhere. If you don’t clean at least once per week, you may find yourself more susceptible allergies or unable to sleep.

Rugs and cushions can be taken outside and pounded clean with a broom. Notice the dust particle flying everywhere? Gross, right? Make sure to also wash your sheets and towels at least once per week to avoid bacteria build-up and keep your family healthy.


Dust loves to settle on items that don’t move. So if you have a bunch of clutter on the floor, on your shelves or in your closets, you are asking for trouble. Take advantage of the spring-cleaning season by clearing out the clutter!

Lastly, make sure your air conditioning filters are in good shape by scheduling a maintenance appointment. Give us a call at 800-994-2577.