How to Avoid Common HVAC System Emergencies

Emergencies strike at the worst possible time. In fact, studies show that a quarter of American households lack the essential savings to come out of pocket for an unexpected HVAC repair or the installation of a new system. Of those saving cash in their rainy day fund, half of those customers cannot even afford to replace their furnace.

Tired of trying to put two pennies together for expensive repairs? Here’s how you can reduce your chances of encountering an emergency:

Follow a maintenance schedule

Routine maintenance doesn’t cost; it pays! Not only does regular maintenance extend the life of your HVAC system, it also reduces the likelihood your unit will break. Seasonal maintenance also helps to identify and uncover small issues before your system fails and saves you money on your energy bills. At Alps, we recommend that our customers schedule maintenance seasonally, or twice a year. This helps prepare your unit for air conditioning service and ensures it’s up to the challenge to heat your home effectively in the winter.

Create an HVAC emergency fund

Start stashing your money away now! We’ve all been there – it’s hard to part with a portion of your paycheck – especially because emergency situations don’t always occur. Moving as little as $75 per paycheck to your savings account adds up over time. Plus, you’ll have adequate cash on hand if your HVAC unit fails during the brutal summer months.

Consider a home warranty program

If you plan on buying or selling your home, you can help seal the deal by providing a home warranty as part of the contract. A home warranty protects your HVAC system and other major appliances for unexpected breakdowns. This is a great option for units that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or if the system is beginning to age.

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