Air Conditioning Efficiency Tip #2 From Your Orange County Comfort Specialists

Your A/C Unit Needs A Bath!

Don’t wait until your air conditioner looks like this one.  By then the  damage may have already been done.  A dirty condenser will lead to a blown fan motor and will eventually cause your compressor to fail, which is the most expensive HVAC repair you could ever face!

Before that happens, if your A/C is not kept clean, your energy bill will increase and it will have a very hard time cooling your home.

It is recommended by all manufacturers to give the outer coil a good rinse every year or so to keep it clean.  If it has been a few years since that thing was rinsed off, spray it down with a little simple green, let that soak in and then rinse it off.

If your A/C looks like the one in the picture, give us a call so we can give it a deep acid cleaning.  When we’re done we’ll have it looking good as new which will make you and your wallet very happy!

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