Aging HVAC Systems: What You Need To Know

Aging HVAC Systems

Although it’s hard to believe, winter is just around the corner!

With cooler temperatures, it can mean more work for your HVAC system to heat and ventilate your home.Aging HVAC Systems

For many people this winter, their HVAC system will stop working due to the use of an old system.

Because of this, proper maintenance becomes imperative to ensure you are protecting your HVAC system.

Here are the top issues you need to know with older systems, and what you can do to prevent issues as time goes on.

Heat Exchanger Breakdowns

 A common failure that aging HVAC systems suffer in the cooler months is the breakdown of certain components inside the system due to thermal fatigue.

The metal inside your HVAC system will be subject to thermal fatigue over time as it is repeatedly heated and cooled.

The degree to which metals are affected by thermal fatigue includes such stressors as: How often the metal heats and cools, how quickly the temperature of the metal changes, and the composition of the metal.

Due to thermal fatigue, the HVAC component that usually takes the most beating is the system’s heat exchanger.

Often times, replacement parts do not exist for older HVAC system, so it may be that a full replacement is necessary.

Overheating and Other Issues

During the cooler months, HVAC owners will often leave their systems running for long periods of time causing them to overheat.

When this happens, HVAC systems can trip the circuit breaker. It is important to NOT just flip the circuit breaker back on as it should be inspected by a professional to ensure there is nothing that is wrong inside the unit.

Finally, age itself will be a major cause for repairing or replacing an older unit.

At Alps, we specialize in checking and diagnosing HVAC systems of all shapes, sizes, and ages across Orange County.

Be proactive with your HVAC system and contact us today if you have any questions about your unit or need to have it replaced.