7 Signs Indicating the Need for Water Heater Repair

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A water heater delivers hot water to everything from your shower to your household’s washing machine. So, it’s important to keep it in good working order. One way to do that is by learning a few of the possible signs that your water heater needs repairs. That way, you can address the issue before it worsens.

1. Your Water Takes on a Rust Color

Over time, a water heater can take on corrosion. This buildup of rust can leak into the water, causing it to turn a rust color. As a note, corrosion inside a water heater isn’t the only reason behind rust-colored water. Sometimes rust-colored water is the result of corrosion in a home’s pipes. Fill a kitchen or bathroom sink with cold water. If it’s rust-colored, then it may be your pipes causing the issue and not your water heater.

2. Low Hot Water Pressure

When the pipes connected to your water heater begin to take on layers of corrosion, it lessens the amount of hot water that can flow through them. Corrosion inside the hot water tank and its outlets can also cause low hot water pressure.

3. The Water From Your Faucet is Extremely Hot

Another sign of an issue requiring repair is when your water heater releases scalding water. One possible reason for this is that the water heater has a malfunctioning thermostat. Or perhaps the heating element on the device is failing. This is a safety issue for a household, so it’s best to call in a repair professional right away.

4. Your Water Takes on an Odor or Bad Taste

If your water has taken on an odor, a bad taste, or both, it may be due to the deterioration of the interior walls of your water heater’s tank. The walls of an older tank can begin to flake off, causing these issues. The flaking material can pose a health risk to your family members, so have the issue checked out as soon as possible.

5. The Water Coming Out of Your Faucet is Sandy

Sand or grit in your water is another result of corrosion collecting in the bottom of your hot water heater’s tank. In some cases, there is sand as well as sludge present in the water. This sludge can appear because of a crack in a pipe connected to the water heater. It requires a trained professional to determine the cause of sand or sludge in your hot water.

6. Your Water Heater is Making Strange Noises

Like most appliances, water heaters make some amount of noise, but strange noises can point to the need for a repair. Squeaking, hissing, pounding, and crackling are just a few examples of noises to listen for. They can occur due to an accumulation of sediment inside a hot water tank or dirt on the tank’s heating element. Sometimes these noises are caused by loose fittings on the tank.

7. Leaks Around the Water Heater’s Tank

Water pooling around the base of a water heater can be a sign you need to replace it with a newer model. However, sometimes a leak is the result of a loose connection, fitting, or valve. These parts can be replaced without having to invest in a whole new appliance.

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