5 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Summer is coming – and while we all love spending lazy days on the beach, there are small to large expenses specific to this time of year that can really pile up if we aren’t careful!

At ALPS, we believe in managing your home like a business. So here are 5 major ways to save money over the summer season, straight from our expert technicians:

Turn off the A/C!

It’s a given that summer is hot, and we aren’t saying to turn your home into a sauna, but the bills that get racked up while you’re blasting cold air into your bedroom can really add up!! Turn on your A/C sparingly – for example, only during the hottest times of the day or at night. Open a few windows in between A/C blasts and invest in a fan to keep the air circulating and fresh.

Use the daylight!

Take advantage of the extended daylight hours by keeping your lights off longer. Less indoor lights mean a leaner electricity bill at the end of each month – which means a heavier wallet!

Avoid the dryer!

Cut back even MORE by air drying your clothes outdoors in the summer heat. Not only will this ease your electricity usage, but it will also give your clothes a nice sun-baked scent that will make them that much fresher!

Install solar panels!

Switch your outdoor lighting situation to solar. It’s an affordable change that you can pick up at most home and garden outlets. It’s not just light on your electricity bill either – it’s good for the environment too!

Fill in any air gaps!

Don’t let any of your home’s precious cool air slip through the cracks… Literally! Inspect your doorways and windows for any improper insulation. If you have any cracks that aren’t being sealed up, you might be letting out some of your A/C’s cold air. It’s an affordable fix that will keep your home cool and comfortable!

Additional Tips

Fill Up the Fridge

Believe it or not, keeping your refrigerator well-stocked helps you save money. Each time you open the refrigerator, cold air escapes. A full refrigerator helps to minimize the lost energy. Live alone and don’t require much? Try filling it with water bottles.

Turn Up the Thermostat

By turning up the thermostat, you can save between 1-3% for every degree above 72. When you’re home, try keeping the thermostat at 78 degrees. When you’re away, try 82-85 degrees, keeping in mind any special accommodations necessary for health concerns and pets.

Be Smart with Appliances and Electronics

Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they’re full, and don’t overload the dryer. Use a power strip, so you can easily disconnect the power flow to your electronics, and power down your computer when it’s not in use. It’s never been so easy to save so much!

Replace Air Conditioner Filters

The easiest way to save money on your air conditioning bill is to replace your air filters. Dirty air filters make it so more energy is required to push air through. Depending on your specific system, your air filters should generally be changed at the start of every season, but it’s especially important at the beginning of the summer.

Seal Leaks

What’s the use in making cold air for your home, if it’s escaping through the cracks around your doors and windows. If you can feel a draft coming in or see light, you have found a spot where treated air is flowing outside. Don’t waste the money by trying to cool your neighborhood.

Increase Attic Insulation

If you have an attic, you know it is a gathering place for super-hot air during the summer. Insulation isn’t just for cold weather. By insulating your attic, you are able to keep the cold air in your home and the hot air in the attic, without wasting any energy in the meantime.

Inspect Your HVAC Unit

A properly functioning HVAC system will be more efficient, saving you lots of money. Before the next heatwave hits the area, schedule your inspection by calling us

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