5 Ways to Save Money When it’s Hot

bright sun, cooling tips, orange county hvac

bright sun, cooling tips, orange county hvac

Your air conditioner consumes a tremendous amount of energy, which costs you a lot of money.  By reducing the amount of time your AC unit is running, you can save money.  Here are five ways to reduce the need for air conditioning when it’s warm out.

Turn the Temperature Up

If you must turn the AC on, set it at the warmest temperature that is comfortable for you.  Every degree can save you money, and you can probably get by with it being slightly warmer in your home than you think.

Adjust the Temperature when You Leave

When you leave the home for work or to go out for the day, turn the AC unit off.   Keeping it off for 8 hours a day while you are at work can help take a chunk out of your monthly bill.  If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it automatically so it turns on a few minutes before you get home.  This allows you to save money during the day, but still have it be comfortable when you are home.

Circulate Cool Air

If you have ceiling fans, use them!  Circulating the air can make it feel 4 degrees cooler than it is.  Fans are much cheaper to run than air conditioning, and it could be the difference between needing to turn your AC on or not.  Even if you are running your AC, you should still use your fans to keep it cooler.

Block the Sun

The sun can heat up a home quickly.  If your home receives direct sunlight, keep your windows covered to block out the sunlight during the day.  This will keep your home cooler and will lower the need to turn your air conditioning unit on.

Keep Cool Air Inside

If you are trying to keep your house cool, be sure to keep all windows and doors closed tightly to keep the cool air in and the warm air out.  Additionally, be sure your doors and windows are properly sealed so air doesn’t leak out.

There are many ways to keep you house cool, without needing to spend a fortune to run your AC unit.  By being conscious of the things that heat up your home, you can limit the need for air conditioning and save money.

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